Human Resources

The superior qualities, success and harmony of our employees are the basis of our team.


We as TAMEK believe that; our success depends on our employees who are deemed to be our most important value. For this reason, we primarily care that; all our members, who will join our family, should be the individuals who share our values and act in compatible with our corporate culture.

In this direction, the main purpose of our human resources management is to bring the eligible talent in our corporation who shares TAMEK values with the capability of developing vision and strategies of our company and then by supporting such development, to create a working environment that will allow him to be the individual developing himself.

As human resources department, we summarize our main objectives as follows;

Selecting the talent: Considering the human resource that constitutes the TAMEK Family, we pay attention him to use his potential in a complete manner, to integrate his objectives with company goals, to be open to develop/to have developed, to reflect TAMEK's entrepreneur and pioneering spirit, to be customer-focused, to be rapid and dynamic, to feel proud of his work, to internalise the principle of mutual respect and manner of equality, to act as a strong team player, to be creative and innovative and to be the addict of success. Thanks to our recruitment applications, we aim to bring these talents to our organization. 

The methods that we use in our recruitment processes vary according to the candidate profile. To measure the competence and basic skills that are set for each position, competency-based interview, general aptitude test, personality inventory practices, case studies, assessment center applications are our primary measurement tools.

Developing the talent: We target for TAMEK employees to become the exemplary individuals who are specialized in their fields of activity thanks to their knowledge levels, experiences, personal and managerial skills. In line with this goal, we offer our employees the opportunities for self-improvement and we contribute to their development through technical training as well as improving their personal and managerial skills.

We support corporate entrepreneurship at every stage with the belief that our developing employees will develop our corporation, as well.

Managing the talent: In TAMEK, “management with targets” is essential. Our performance and career management system is based on this principle. The results of our employees are evaluated on their targets and competencies and career planning is carried out in line with the evaluation results.



You can access the details of our vacant positions within the organization of TAMEK through the link below and apply via You can also forward your CV to for vacant positions and general applications.


Due to the awareness that being a successful student is not enough for advancing in career steps in today's competitive environment, we provide support for young people allowing them to become prepared for professional life and to carry out internship programs. Thanks to our internship programs, we allow young people to identify the business processes in various departments and give them the opportunity to reflect on their theoretical knowledge that they have gained in their educational life. With our internship programs, we allow new graduate candidates to start one step ahead of the job search process, and at times we also give them the opportunity to become a new member of TAMEK family.



It is an internship program for 3rd or 4th class students of universities. The duration of the internship varies depending on the length of the compulsory internship of the student and is limited to maximum 2 months. Summer term internship programs are implemented in our company's workplaces located in Headquarters / Istanbul, Karacabey / Bursa, Kızıksa / Balıkesir, Salihli / Manisa.

Summer term internship application process starts in February every year and is completed in May with general evaluation process. Students, who are eligible after the evaluation process, are included in the internship program between June and September.


It is an internship program for 3rd and 4th class students of universities or the ones taking master’s degree or doctorate degree; thus, those are offered the opportunity to work part-time. The duration of this internship program is maximum 6 months and there is a requirement to continue the internship program at least 3 days a week. Long-term internship programs are implemented in our company's workplaces located in Headquarters / Istanbul and Karacabey / Bursa.

With this internship program, our trainees gain the opportunity to experience business life, and also benefit from the orientation and training opportunities offered by our company. There is no clear application period as long-term internship programs are opened in line with projects and needs.


It is an internship program for vocational / technical / trade upper secondary students with compulsory internships. It is carried out in line with the quotas of our company in cooperation with the National Education Directorate. High school internship applications start each year as of June and the evaluation process is completed in August. Students, who are eligible after the evaluation process, are included in the internship program between September and June.

All internship applications can be made via, as well as directly to