Our employees are our most valuable asset.


Without compromising the nourishment and benefits of fruits and vegetables from the greatest gifts of nature to human, to offer consumers the taste they desire under the guarantee of TAMEK, to reach the consumers with the most safe, qualified and healthy products in different types and forms, and to be the source of inspiration for them so as to turn into different tastes in different hands. 


As Turkey's most popular and preferred brand in food sector, to become a world brand with our strength and experience that we have acquired from our deep-rooted history and traditions.


We care about to experience the sanctity and the warmth of the family at corporate level

We are a large family with our farmers, employees, business partners and consumers. We are a large family that believes in the principles of love and respect between the aged and the young and the family that is deemed together with the values that we have established so far since the date we were founded.

Business ethics, honesty, transparency and respect for the law are our indispensable principles.

We move our ethical stance and moral values from our traditions and roots to the center of our business. To comply with the law, honesty, honour and respect for others are our indispensables.

Our employees are our most valuable asset.

We value the ideas of our employees and support such ideas to mature and to put them into practice. We provide the most ideal environment for the growth and the development of our capabilities. We support corporate entrepreneurship at every stage. 

We always fulfill our social responsibilities with the awareness of corporate citizenship.

As a brand that produces and serves more than half a century, we are aware of our responsibilities for environment, the society we live in and all our stakeholders. The way we do business depends on the principle of sustainability.

We owe a debt of gratitude to protect and maintain the quality of TAMEK. 

Since 1955 we have been bringing products to our customers in the same quality and the natural manner. Our products, the way we do business and our employees are the reflection of TAMEK’s sense of quality. 


Production is carried out in Tamek Production Facilities in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management System, FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management Systems, Halal - BRC Global Food Safety Standards and OHS related legislation. In all its processes, technologies are used that provide benefits to all stakeholders and respect for human, environment and society. 

Our teams of agricultural engineers, working in order to ensure that the raw materials "a gift from nature to human" are obtained at the most appropriate quality and at the most appropriate harvest time, select the correct seeds and seedlings so as to guarantee the quality of raw material which is a prerequisite for the final product quality by contracted agricultural practices.

All the processes, extending from seeding to harvesting, are monitored and controlled by our agricultural engineers. Harvested fruits are delivered to our production facilities as soon as possible.

All the raw materials, arriving at the factory, are tested in our Quality Assurance laboratories and only raw materials approved for Tamek standards are produced. Thanks to quality assurance systems that we apply, the reliability of our products is ensured extending from raw material to table by monitoring the processes of production, storing, shipment and customer satisfaction. Test operations are carried out by our food engineers under the supervision of laboratories that are equipped with modern measuring instruments.

Our productions are done with the planning that the raw materials will be processed in the shortest time and the resources such as energy, raw materials and packaging materials will be used without loss.

Fruits, which are picked at the peak of harvest time, are pressed in production lines that are equipped with advanced technology so as to produce fruit juices and they are packaged in features that will protect the taste until the end of the shelf life in cardboard boxes, glass bottles and aluminium boxes under aseptic conditions by using short-term pasteurization systems that do not require preservative additives.

Tamek is not just a structure of production facilities, but an organization that adopts food safety extending from field to table. Thanks to this approach, it is capable of producing pastes that are made from tomato and pepper products, ketchups, breakfast sauces and other sauces, which are completely obtained from contracted agricultural practices.

As soon as possible after harvesting process, we have been transforming the vegetables, which are the basis for healthy nutrition such as peas, pointed okra, beans and corn, into the tastes that our consumers can reach whenever they want, thanks to our lines that use additive-free canned food production technology.

Our ready-to-eat canned foods, which are inspired by traditional Turkish cuisine, are produced with carefully selected raw materials at hygienic production facilities and take their places at the tables.

Our jam products, which are one of the most beautiful forms of the fruits, also protect the integrity of the fruits by providing specially developed equipment with a low boiling temperature under vacuum.