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Brand New Sauces from Tamek to the Young and the Young at heart

Tamek, which has been bringing consumers together with qualified and delicious products since 1955, put three brand new sauces onto market for the ever-young. Sauces respectively Tamek ApAcı, RepRanch and BapBarbekü add flavours to taste of a wide range of foods extending from chips to salad, pasta to pizza, hamburger to meat dishes.

Brand New Sauces from Tamek to the Young and the Young at heart

Tamek, the pioneer company in the food sector, cheers the tables with three kinds of sauces. Tamek ApAcı, RepRanch and BapBarbekü sauces, which are presented to taste of sauce lovers, add more flavour to taste of meals. The sauces, which appeal to different tastes with three kinds, are offered in 250 ml of packages.

BBQ sauce, the indispensable of meat dishes  

BBQ sauce, which is the best sauce of the meats, meets the consumers with the difference of Tamek. Tamek BapBarbekü, a must-have for meat dishes, is a candidate for being the favourite of the ones fond of meat. 

Sauce making the best of dishes: Tamek ApAcı Sauce

Tamek ApAcı sauce will make hot lovers experience the real hot taste. It adds the taste to any kinds of dishes especially toast, sandwich, pasta and grills from the hot. 

Taste from yoghurt; Tamek RepRanch

RepRanch, a member of the Tamek Sauce family, presents the taste from the onion, garlic and yogurt to consumers. Tamek RepRanch sauce, which is the closest friend of pizza, chips, salads, hamburgers and potatoes, is known to be the most suited sauce alongside meals.

Tamek sauces are waiting for consumers at sales points all over Turkey.

Tamek will grow with new categories in 2017

Cem Kurt, General Manager of Tamek, underlined the fact that the market for sauces in the food sector is growing and said, “Lifestyle habits of the young population also affect the trends in the sector. Today, young people prefer different sauces that appeal to their own tastes instead of seasoning their food with traditional tastes. As Tamek, we also brought our barbecue, ranch and bitter sauces to our consumers by entering a category we had not been before. For all three of our products we have been working in Germany's leading R & D laboratories for more than a year. We have tried dozens of recipes to bring out the best product for our consumers. As a result, we have obtained fantastic-consistent sauces that appeal to the taste of Turkish consumers. Both the contents of our products and packages were very popular during consumer tests. We are very satisfied with the result. We think that the sauces will lead to grow at our food category.”

Long-Awaited Brown Bottle is Now Back

Long-Awaited Brown Bottle is Now Back

Tamek’s famous taste in Brown Bottle is now in reproduction

Tamek's Famous Brown Bottle in Ankara with SALT's “Single and Multi” Exhibition

Tamek's Famous Brown Bottle in Ankara with SALT's “Single and Multi” Exhibition

Tamek’s famous brown bottle meets the Ankara habitants thanks to SALT’s “Single and Multi” Exhibition. Tamek's brown bottle is also exhibited at Çankaya Municipality Contemporary Arts Center with many products circulating in the 1980s.