100% Tomato Juice

100% Tomato Juice

100% natural state of the taste…

The tomato, which is effective in preventing many diseases, keeps the energy of the body high with the lycopene and beta-carotene ingredients, minerals and organic acids. 100% Tomato Juice, which provides protection against colds and flu, contains 1.2 kg of tomatoes per 1 litre and does not contain added sugar.

According to the Turkish Food Codex, Tamek 100% Tomato Juice does not contain preservatives and artificial colouring materials; it is completely protected by natural means and packed in sterile conditions and takes place in your meals.

Every day, keep drinking a glass of Tamek 100% Tomato Juice with the natural taste of tomatoes!

Nutritional Values Per 100 ml

Energy (kj ve kcal)

59 kj / 14 kcal

Fat (g) 0
- Saturated Fatty Acid (g) 0
Carbohydrate (g) 2,6
-Sugars (g) 2,6
Protein (g) 1
Salt (g) 1